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Personalized Art

This video demo shows 2 art pieces  with words:  HIGHER POWER and TURN IT OVER.  You may choose you own  phrases.

Video presentation of the still art :  "Gratitude" in various colors and personalized with your name.
The video enables you to click Full Screen to see each piece in detail.
Wholeness Art created by Victoria Pepe of LuminSonics Inc is art in the style of the mandala or circle. 
The Wholeness Art piece "Gratitude" will be personalized for you.
Your name will be inscribed in the inner part of the circle which personalizes it and makes it very special and powerful for  healing wholeness and coming into your center.
Your name is seen as very subtle and slightly visible, just enough, and keeps the integrity of the harmony of the design.. You fit into this harmony. You are an integral part of the whole.
You are the whole.

When you see the video presentation, click on the full screen tab to really see the art and you will see an arrow pop up to show you where your name will be the video.
Click pause any time.
The demo shows the various colors that " Gratitude" is is created in.
The watermarks are for demo only and are removed when art is purchased.

"Gratitude" comes in different colors.  Each color has healing properties that can resonate personally with you. 

The art is sent directly to your email in the digital format jpg. 

To begin the ordering process please send an email with your interest. You will receive a free generic digital sample in the color of your choice to your email. Google Drive enables large files to be sent your email.  The sample art will have a water mark on it which will be deleted when you purchase your own piece.
This is without obligation and will enable you to purchase your own personalized art knowing the essence of what will be sent.
There is no way to return a digitally downloaded piece of art, so this sample is given to you to help you securely decide.

The purchased art is  9"x12".  As a bonus, 2 extra sizes are included: 5"x7 and 11" x14" (with borders).  The art is in high definition.  It is recommended that you use high quality media to print on.

The pros of digitally acquired art:
  • You may print as many copies as you want for your personal use.
  • If a copy is lost, you can print another.
  • You can choose the format you wish,  and explore different media, such as printing on canvas, Plexiglas, aluminum, various fine art papers and more.
  • You send the digitally formatted art directly to an online store to have it printed and can choose where, and the price etc.
  •  In choosing you become part of the process of your art.
  •  You can print it from your own printer using your own photo quality paper.
  •  You save on purchase price.
  •  When you see art in tangible form you know that the color you see is the color you get.  When you see art on line, the color is different than when it is printed.  Colors seen on one computer, it might be different than what you see. With the art in digital format, the colors can be adjusted.
                           Personalized Wholeness Art:  "Gratitude" in 6 different colors
                                                                        Art Gallery

Please send contact information before purchase so that your name request is confirmed.

1 Gratitude Blue
2. Gratitude Green
3. Gratitude Pink Violet

4. Gratitude Orange
5. Gratitude Violet
6. Gratitude Red Orange