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LuminSonics is a Multimedia Gallery site which  presents ArtMusic and Videos created by Victoria Pepe.
All art, music and videos are Pepe™ originals.
This page is a site map with links which will direct you to areas on the internet which feature Pepe's works.
Pepe features some of her music on various music site on the web.
  "Reflections" is a Neo-Classical solo piano music for the New Age with 11 tracks;
"Reflections Vol 1" is a cd with 18 tracks ( 1-11 found in the shorter "Reflections" and additional 12-18)
  "Celestial Dream Supreme" is soothing and relaxing, originally created on the piano, orchestrated and layered with multidimensional, transcendental instruments and sounds with 12 tracks;
  "Promises Eternal" peaceful, relaxing, meditative electronic music with 2 tracks.  

Reflections and Celestial Dream Supreme can be found on
I Tunes  ;  Apple Music ("Reflections") ; Apple Music ("Celestial Dream Supreme")Spotify
and others.
  Psalm 23  "The Lord is My Shepherd" on YouTube is narrated by Pepe LuminSonics accompanied by her original music and meditative art video.. for a peaceful, spirit filled experience. Is showing on the Pepe LuminSonics YouTube channel

Pepe LuminSonics YouTube channel features her music/art videos

    "Inspiration"  inspirational words intgrated and flow through the video of beautiful kaleidoscopic mandala art images with graceful soothing music for a 2 minute enriching experience.
    "Joyful Exuberance"  uplifting, energetic music/art video where colorful geometric images sparkle with spirited music
    "On a Cloud"   features flowing peaceful images of clouds with soothing meditative music 
    "A Memory ...of Love"  A flowing animated video of flowers featuring a rose with heartfelt music

    Personalized Art..        Many beautiful designs to choose from ..  to feature your name.. Downloadable for printing.

Flower Fusion 1:Augmented Reality--From a series.  We live in this world as a composite reality. In part a digital and virtual reality and in part in the natural world.  "Flower Fusion 1"shows these realities harmoniously together
and allows us to experience the beauty of this new world of Augmented Reality.

          OK        17"x19"
Inspirational words integrated with geometric shapes in vivid color harmonies. Current format: Gallery Plexiglas Floating Mount
Can be created in almost any format.

 Fine Art America exhibits some of Pepe's art which can be ordered in many formats from prints to pillows.

 Serenity Space at features Pepe's art designs with 12 Step words on products such as mugs, key chains and more.

Art Designs Boutique features many unique artistic designs that are created and placed on many different objects such as coasters, T Shirts, candles, and more.

Pepe LuminSonics Art Designs  Features Victoria's art designs on designer products such as silk, cashmere       and more.

The Inspiration Site and Flower Space on Zazzle also exhibit Pepe's art on similar products
Most of the items found in Victoria's stores in the Zazzle market place can be personalized and customized which is a great free feature, perfect for gifts.

When national adversity brought out national unity; Video demo of proposed longer DVD showing 2000 Flags.
2000 Flags of 911.

Websites which feature art and music/art videos:
TheNewArtSite presents some fine art, drawings, sculpture music/art videos and virtual paintings

 PepeArtWorks  is a general overview

 Pepe in front of her Art Inscribe "Peace". Art Inscribe integrates words within as part of the geometric art design. Her solo show at the Midtown Arts Common, featured 22 Art Inscribe images on Gallery Mount Plexiglas.

Considered a truly multidisciplinary visionary artist, Pepe's life long spiritual quest forms a foundation for her artistic expressions and concepts. Concerning her art and music she states, “Creating connects me to something beyond myself. It is a meditation and a timeless place of profound peace and transcendence. I connect to a higher Source which creates through me. It is hoped that this transcendent transformative energy is conveyed to those who view and hear my work."

In the Philadelphia City Paper art review of Pepe's virtual video painting at the LG Tripp Gallery, Robin Rice writes that her video art is "a truly artful night light".

         Victoria hopes her creative expressions help spread the Light.
Fine Art Mini                         
                    display at Marble Pop UP