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Video Fine Art

Liquid Bouquet  Flower Fusion       1/7
Click Full Screen for best view. 

This demo is 59 seconds.  The entire fine art video is 5 minutes 33 seconds.
The watermark is for the demo only.
This is a limited edition of 7 and has a Certificate of Authentication guaranteeing the edition and the specific edition number is subtly embedded in each video piece.
When purchased, the art is sent directly to your email.  It is formatted in high quality mp4. The art is played on a standard LCD wide screen.
The video can be formatted for the photo player 4:3 proportion if desired.   

If you are considering purchase, please email your contact information and a private showing of the entire art video,
Liquid Bouquet, will be arranged.  You will be given a time sensitive passcode to the web page where the piece will be shown so that you can decided with certainty.  It is not possible to return a downloaded video.
The demo can be sent directly to you so that you can see how it plays for you before purchase.
Google Drive is used to send the video because it enables large files to be sent directly to emails.

 Liquid Bouquet on a  wall
Click play and then click Full Screen for viewing enhancement
Click pause any time for a still image view


Panoramic Art Journey   Watch the image slowly move and use your cursor over the art to enjoy this interactive art experience. When you move the image with the cursor, the auto play stops.. Refresh the screen and it starts again.